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Light Burn " waiting for connection "


so, i used the Pic Engrave 6, versus usually using the 5 version, tried two times to engrave, both times i got something that looks a lot like the laser may have skipped a line from the gbrl which obviously is not good looking. I figured i should not work on the computer while PicSender is working to not make it “heavier”, and so i did not, i figured it could be the version 6 problem, not coding alright the gbrl. So, i thought of using Light Burn on the Macbook, typed into the command console $H and just won’t connect. Also in the " new device Wizard " it won’t allow me to say how big is my working space.

So, it’s just getting frustrating at this point

Also, I just can’t figure out how to tell the laser which is his center position, as in how i want my work to be centered. 

In Pic Sender i got to the position "Set X / Set Y " and he gets it.


We no longer support or endorse pic-engrave software.

Have you followed this article to update your Emblaser 1 for LightBurn:



Also, have you watched our tutorials for LightBurn or checked the software manual and it’s various videos on explaining the softrware?




You haven’t specified which machine you have, but assuming it’s an Emblaser 2, LightBurn knows how big the working area of the machine is, so there’s no need to specify it. Everyone’s Emblaser 2 is the same size.

If you have an Emblaser 1, there are only two sizes, the A3 and A4, and again, LightBurn knows the working size.

If you want to center the work, look at using “Current Position” mode with a centered job origin: