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Light burn trial code vs code in my kit

Just built my Core, As I have been using Lightburn for a while just getting use to the software in anticipation on the build! in the box their is a ne code should i use this will it give me more options?

Hi, and thanks for posting in the Darkly Labs community!

The Emblaser comes with a license that will unlock several Emblaser specific features in LightBurn. You can check if you have this by looking at the menu bar for the ‘Emblaser’ menu item - if you see this, you have the Emblaser features available.

If you do not see this menu item, I recommend switching the the license that came with the Emblaser.

I also believe the license period for the Emblaser version is three years, not the standard 1 year.

_ Note : “license period” refers to the length of time with ‘included updates’. You can continue to use LightBurn outside of the license period, though will not be able to update without a valid licence._



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Hi LIiam,

Mate much appreciated checked the menu and all was their apologies for my poor computer literacy  is there any way i can check the licence number that my machine is currently using as, I will be upgrading my MacBook Pro in the near future!

Thanks for the supper quick response I did the build over two half days and it looks good, today i was hopping to do the set up instructions and then get into the fun part.