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 Today I obtained the Lightburn trial. But when I go into the Library I get  the materials list but the “Assign to Layer” box is greyed out.

Not sure why this is. 

Make sure you have a cut layer selected.

Without a cut layer selected, there is no layer assign to.


Thanks Domenic. I am trying to work out how to do a raster engrave. Can’t work it out so far with Lightburn.

Make sure you look at the tutorials we have created, in particular, this one:



When you say “raster engrave” do you mean rastering a bitmap image, or raster scanning vector shapes?

Images happen more or less automatically (double click the image layer to bring up more options). Vector shapes are filled by changing them from “Cut” to “Scan”.

Thank you Domenic & Lightburn.

I am starting to understand it a bit more including double clicking the image layer.  

I was trying to set up a “raster engrave” eg of a horse saved as a .png file, using plywood 3mm, but don’t fully understand “cut-image-scan”.

Also, I see from the lightburn documentation there is a window called “cut settings” which would allow me to set the depth of cut for my engrave. But so far I don’t see how to get to that window.   

Can’t post a pic of the window I am talking about but it has a heading  "Cut settings then “Enable cut through mode” and down the bottom says "kerf offset, Z offset, no of passes, Z step per pass (mm)


Hi Rod,

Please email me the file you are trying to engrave. Email to info ‘at’ darklylabs.com

We will then be able to assist you more.


Rod - The Cut Settings window you describe is what shows when you double click an entry in the cut list. The content of it changes depending on whether the cut entry is set to cut, scan, or engrave an image, in addition to the kind of laser you’re using and the features it supports.  Cut-through mode, for example, will only appear if connected to a DSP controller and is generally used for cutting very thick material with a CO2 laser.


Thanks for all your time Domenic. I had to import a more advanced file like the Lightburn jigsaw puzzle to get the “cut settings” window I was trying to find.

I took up a bit of your & Lightburns time but I got here in the end.

Much appreciated