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Lens Cleaning Kit released

We have just added the Lens Cleaning Kit to out online store.



The User Manual has also been updated to show how to keep the lens clean:


Sweet, ordered.

Thanks for that Domenic. Is the LensPen the commercially available ‘LensPen’ that can also be bought at JB HiFi etc:





Hi Richard,

It is the same brand but its not the model you need. The standard LensPen is designed for larger lenses and is difficult to use with the Emblaser 2 lens size. You need the ‘micro’ or ‘mini’ pro version.

Oh ok thanks for letting me know. I’m presuming it’s the puffer that pushes the postage of the lens cleaning kit up. Maybe next time in Melbourne I’ll try pick one up.

So, question. The E2 1.65 manual states to do a deep lens clean after every 10 to 20 hours of use, otherwise it could lead to “permanent lens damage”. My “Lens cleaning and calibration kit” only came with the wipes, LensPen, calibration cards, and lubricant. Yet, other tools that we need for the deep lens clean are two hex tools, lens tissues, and the lens removal tool. Does this mean we need to spend an additional $80 + shipping for the maintenance kit just to get the tools we need to clean our E2’s? That seems a little bit like an oversight…

Hi Versipellis,

There has not been an oversight. We revised the lens cleaning kit with the additional items after we introduced the deep lens cleaning process.

We are happy to post you these missing parts from your kit. I will raise a support request for you to have this taken care of.

Hi Domenic, what are these items? On the store I only see the original items as part of the lens cleaning kit, no lens removal tools etc.

Just wondering as I only just ordered the lens cleaning kit last week.

Hi Richard,

You kit will come with all the required parts.

Our web team has not updated the item on the store to reflect this yet.

Domenic is the removal tool something that can be 3D printed and if so could you post the file like the EM1 files were?

Hi Wayne,

This printable version of the tool is different to the version we ship. You can print this as needed, but please be aware, it will not last many lens removals.


Hey Dominic, got it - sorry for the confusion! Would gladly appreciate the tools being sent, thanks a lot! :slight_smile: