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Lens burn

Hello all! I have been using my emblaser 2 for about 6 months now. I noticed on the last run it wasn’t cutting well do I went in for a deep lens clean to find the lens is burnt. Any ideas on where I went wrong? Hoping the new lens gets here quickly!

I have a photo of the lens but could not attach it to this post. The lens literally has a big black burn dot in the center that cannot be cleaned off.

I found myself in the same situation today and close examination showed that the lens had been burnt by the laser. I performed a deep clean two weeks ago and think the problem comes through lasing wood that is not fully dried out so that volatile elements are vaporised and deposit on the lens which then catches the laser light/heat and burns  the lens.


Thanks! I also just received an email back from darkly labs. They are reporting it is the current lens’ fault as it is two lens glued together and microscopic particals could be trapped between, causing the burn. They said they are currently working on a new solid piece lens.

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That’s good news Thanks Elizabeth.

This is what I found today :frowning:
Looks exactly as you have described.
I think will start another post about it. I’m not real happy about needing another lens so soon…$$

Oh yes. I’ve gone threw 3 lenses in less than 6 months now… huge waste of money for my business. I’m also having issues even getting the machine to run for more than five minutes now.

Hi Elizabeth,
how many hours per week are you using your Emblaser2?
Are the latest lenses one piece?

I solved the short runtime problem by removing the back housing of the lens and cleaning out MDF dust. And all fans.
If the board overheats, the machine stops

A few weeks after replacing the lens I found that I needed to do a deep clean and so became conscious of the smoke particles that circulate within the Emblaser when cutting - I noticed this swirling around and coming from under the ply I was cutting. I have attached an extension hose and connected to my vacuum cleaner through the window. This adds extra exhaust power to the unit and should, hopefully, prevent build up of smoke particles where they aren’t wanted.

Thank you guys for the advise.  Darkly labs had sent me another two piece lens a few weeks after I had bought a new one that had also burnt.  The reported they were working on a solid lens and would send me one once in stock but never heard back from them.  I am now noticing there are burns on the other glass pieces in the lens housing as well.  I keep the machine clean, I have done deep cleanses more often than recommended because its just easy to complete when changing the lens.  I don’t run the machine a lot, at most it runs a few hours on days I actually run it and that is with is stopping frequently and needing to start over completely.  I also have the extension hose with air assist, I bought it when I bought the machine.  I am not really sure where to go from here.  Any ideas are greatly appreciated.  Thanks guys!

Hi Elizabeth,

Today, Friday,  I discovered that my replacement lens had failed so contacted Darkly to enquire when the new single element lens would be ready. Domenic replied immediately and advised that the lens is available and one would be posted to me. It’s in the post as I have the tracking number. So, contact them and hopefully your problems will be solved. Cheers.