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Left, Right, Center game

Everyone had fun playing the game at Christmas dinner, so I made a custom set.  I bought blank wood dice and spent time making a fixture so now I can size and align any artwork quickly for the dice (a 50 pack was only $9 so I’ve got lots of blanks for future projects).  The box was from the craft store and the chips were 1/8" ply.  The artwork, while nothing crazy, is my own.  It took a while to make the dice photo, but once I figured out how it was dead simple*.  A light 400 grit sanding and a few coats of rattle can lacquer and it was being played that evening.  About 2 hours to engrave and cut everything. Most of that time was cutting the 36 chips I got out of the scrap piece of wood I tossed in the laser. 


* dead simple disclaimer: I used Fusion 360 to model a die, then copied and rotated to create a model of the “rolling dice”.  Then I went into rendering mode and used a white background and messed randomly with color settings until it looked ok. Saved the rendered image as a .png and then it was time to import that into LightBurn.  So maybe not dead simple, but simpler then the other methods I tried first!

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Well done Wayne.

I’d not heard of this game, but a quick wikipedia search helped out:


Thanks for sharing.