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Leather solo motorbike seat

Another seat leaves the bench.  Letters, date and guns lasered, tooled and dyed. Image created in photoshop, lasered using picengrave.  cheers


Excellent work Caroline. Thanks for sharing. 

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Incredible craftmanship as always!

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Your work looks great! I’m trying to engrave images onto leather coasters. Using photoshop to create images and trying to use cut2d to engrave with not much luck. Noticed you are using picengrave. Is this program something I would need to engrave images on leather? How do u get lighter colors in your images, lower power?
Any help greatly appreciated!

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hi mike, i love picengrave and use it 90% of the time.  When you say images…do you mean photos?   Cut2d is for vector images not photos.  Using picengrave will give you the lighter and darker shades just like in the photo.  I use adobe illustrator for creating images that can be saved as vectors for cut2d.  I found the whole process very confusing and took alot of forum reading (old and new) to get my head around it. cheers

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Hi Michael, If you have not already, a trawl of the forum achive


 might help a little, since it covers the ‘early days’ of the emblaser 1 when much learning and sharing of settings/hints went on.

I also use picengrave for raster images, you can learn all you need to know from the archive, and the picengrave tutorial.

If you have an emblaser 1 you should also  get picsender to send the gcode to the cutter, if you have an emblaser 2 you save the gcode to a file to import into laserweb. You need to add a couple of extra lines to the gcode, I’ve mentioned it here:


You’ll need to play around with the power and speed settings depending on your material.

Chris J.



Thanks for comments!
I’m looking to engrave photos using the Emblaser1 so I would need piclaser and picsender?

I purchased piclaser. Both of you mentioned picengrave. Should I have purchased picengrave pro instead?


i have picegrave pro and picsender, worth every cent, support is very good too. They have an upgrade special price if you have piclaser.  There are some very good tutorials on this forum and also on the picengrave website.  Again a bit of a learning curve, especially getting the engraving size right.  Here are some leather coasters i engraved using PEP5, and photos found on the internet.



For engraving flat 2D  images, piclaser is  adequate, I went with picengrave for its abilities to produce embossed images, ie with depth. eg:


I’d recommend also getting picsender to power the emblaser. You CAN use vtransfer but picsender handles large files better…

Jeff at picengrave is very helpful if you need to clarify anything.


Hello again!
I’ve purchased picengrave and picsender. Would you mind posting some starting settings for picengrave and picsender? I’m trying to engrave photo on veg tanned leather. Read thru posts and have seen several different options. I’m just looking for starting point without burning up laser:) using emblaser1, metric.
Thanks again!


Hi michael, you will have to give me a few days.   The laptop that i have connected to the laser is being used by my son and he wont be back for few days.   All my saved settings are on that PC.  cheers

Whenever you get the chance. Thanks for your time!

hi michael,  sorry i havent got back to you…my son has semi killed my laptop…should be back up and running next week.  cheers


Thanks! Looking forward to seeing your settings. I’ll post some of my work over the weekend but I’m getting really close with some trial and error. Jeff at Picengrave has really helped a lot. My biggest issue now is power,federate change…I believe? I’ll post a sample pic tonight. As you will see, after I dye and conditioned, you have to hold the coaster just right in order to see it. Looks great if you can get the right angle like the pic. Looked really good before dying and finishing. Anyway, Thanks again!


Before I dyed and conditioned the image looked great.  I’ve tried to increase power but seems to make entire image too dark and looses contrast.   Any recommendations are much appreciated!!  Engraving and settings are below:  Thanks!



oh no…not in metric mode…  from memory in metric… for photo images, i always have the feed rate at 4000.  My understanding is that Max at 255 is 100%, so i have my max at 50 or 40 or 30 depending on the leather and min on 10.  I think i have used 50 the most… Pixel resolution,  .06 rings a bell but could be wrong.  The image may appear too dark when finished, but I always put a very small amount of dishwashing liquid on my hand and with running water, gentle rub the engraving to take off the excess soot.  Let it dry.  I then only put the condition on, no dye.  In the engraving options, i always use skip white bkgnd, makes for much faster engraving. I use feed rate change, but cant be sure from memory…probably 10 or 20. Different veg tan leathers always require a bit of a test…some leather is very pale and some more tan.  The grain of the leather changes too… cow veg tan will engraved very differently from kangaroo veg tanned.  Leather that is already colored is called chrome tanned.  I havent engraved this as i am not sure of the fumes from something that is chrome tanned.



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We did this one on white leather a couple of years ago. I can’t remember the PicEngrave settings used though.

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Thats brilliant!

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soooo nice!!

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