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Leaf Pattern

A veined leaf pattern…

I have found that any black and white artwork can be quickly readied for laser cutting using Inkscape (free).  I start with Gimp (free) and get a scanned image into pure black and white.  Then bring that bitmap into Inkscape and use the Path->Trace Bitmap function with excellent results.  From there, an Inkscape EPS export goes directly into the laser software.  This implies that if you can draw it with a Sharpie, you can cut it with a laser, at least in principle.

The leaf below was taken from an internet site as an experiment and run through the process described above.  It was cut from black cardstock at 3.5mm/sec and took about 6 hours to cut!  The web-like structure caused the paper to bow during the cutting so I weighted it down with dimes behind the cutting area.  I also made sure that the perimeter cut was the last cut in the queue.

That’s beautiful. Very impressive.

That’s amazing. What will you do with it? Is it as fragile as it looks?

It’s not quite as fragile as it looks, but I handle it very carefully!  On the long axis, it fits on an 11x17 piece of paper.  I can upload the CRV file if desired!

I’d love to have a source file, but do you have it in a more generic/universal form such as SVG, DXF, AI or similar vector type?

How about EPS?  or SVG?  Inkscape works in SVG and exports EPS.  Are those usable?  The CRV file is pretty gigantic…


Here is the SVG file.  Let me know if it works!  I’ll leave it up (leaf it up?!) for a week or two…

It’s beautiful! Perfect opening in Inkscape and from there, it’s the world. Thank you very much.