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LB0.9.10 Doesn't Simulate Cuts

Just installed 0.9.10 and it doesn’t simulate the cuts.  I’m just cutting picture frames out of paper, so just a bunch of lines.



The cutting lines are outside the page boundary.  As a guess, you probably have them grouped with everything else, meaning that the system is discarding the whole group because it’s out of bounds.

I hadn’t considered that groups of things would be excluded, so I’ll fix that, and we’ve already put this feature on a switch so it can be disabled, and will be putting out a patch release in a couple days to address this.

Thanks, that was it.  I don’t recall that happening before, but by chance the material size wasn’t grouped in before.  Thanks again for the quick response.

This is new behavior for this version, requested by quite a few people who like to leave all kinds of stuff outside the boundary of the work area.  I’ve fixed the behavior so it treats objects within groups as independent entities for the bounds check, so in your case only the outer red rectangle would be rejected and everything else would work.  This should be released in a day or two.