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Layers parameters after copying


I have noticed that when objects are copied into a new layer the parameters do not always match the original.  I copied an object and these are some of the differences - 

Original - Speed 20 mm/sec, Max Power 100%, Number of passes 1

Copy - Speed 100 mm/sec, Max Power 20%, Number of passes 5

The new name usually a name pulled from a layer from a totally different project!

Is this supposed to happen?  It can be quite frustrating as I did a job recently with a copied object and forgot to check the number of passes. In the original it was 1, and the copy was 12.  Only realised after about 3 minutes that it was taking way too long and discovered the error.

Would appreciate any insight.



Hi Steve,

Thanks for posting on the Darkly Labs Community site!

What you describe is the intended behaviour of layers within LightBurn. You can change this so that layers will revert to some predefined default values though, via the Edit > Settings - File Settings then enabling ‘ Load default layer settings on new or restart ’.

You can then assign defaults to individual/all layers via the Cut Settings Editor (double click a layer in the Cuts / Layers tab):

In either case, layer settings are never copied with an object.

Without the File Setting option enabled, layers in a file will ‘remember’ the last settings used - even if this was from a different session/project. If you change the settings and save the file, these new settings will be saved with the file itself (so if you open the file, it will have the saved settings), and also loaded as the default settings for the next time you use the layer in a new file or add a previously unused layer.

The logic behind this is that often people will have specific layers loaded with settings, so they might always use the black layer for cutting 3mm Poplar Ply, and the green for cutting 6mm Poplar Ply. This is somewhat similar to how many other laser software packages work. Personally, I do not use layers like this.

If you are concerned about incorrectly set values being used by mistake, you could enable the File Settings option mentioned above and assign a default setting with a Power of 0% - Just remember if it doesn’t cut a layer, this is why!

I hope that clarifies how LightBurn handles layer settings in these situations. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions.

Best regards,


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Hi Liam,

Thanks for the informative reply.  I have made the change in the File Settings dialog.