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Layer colour bar disappears and object moves on selection after resizing window


When I am working normally, I cannot see the layer buttons on the bottom of the screen and have to resize the window for them to appear and once I select an object it vanishes.  I have been doing this for a while without a second thought but believe that there must be some bug here??

One thing that now happens since upgrade from 7.0.x, is that when I select the first object after resizing the window is that it moves.  Any object selected after that is fine.

Video here

Can you check into these please?



Hi Steve,

Thanks for the video, it certainly shows the issue.

We have not seen this before so I am hoping LightBurn will have some information when they get a chance to check this.


Hi Steve - Apologies that I haven’t seen this until now, but the issue is a common one: It’s the Shape Properties window.  Because the content of it resizes according to what’s selected, when you select something, it expands, and pushes the bottom bar off the screen.  ‘Tab’ the Shape Properties window behind / on top of another window and the problem won’t happen.  See the video below for how to do this: