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Lathe Bellows

Just needed to protect the balls screws and ways of my Sieg 7x14.  One manilla file folder and cut2d laser and voila!

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Good work Ralph.

That’s beautiful! I need something like that for my Horrible Freight 7x10. At the horrendous cost of manilla folders, one can replace them when they deteriorate at far less expense than the rubber versions.

Is there a vector file available for those of us not so artistically inclined?

I created it in LaserCut2d but I don’t think I can upload the crv file or th nc file.


The crv file is the better choice. Perhaps the admins/moderators will provide advise regarding the file attachment solution.

That’s really clever.

Unfortunately we don’t have a direct mechanism for adding files to the community.

If you email me the associated files, I would be happy to save them on our server and post the download link here.


Ralph’s files can be downloaded from here: LINK

Wow, that is impressive folding, great work.