Latest Mandala Tile Etching

Just made the etched tile mandala.


Looks great Graham,

What was the technique you used for this?


Very nice Graham,
I cant decide- did you do all four at once or one tile/quarter at a time? The alignment is spot on.

Hi Domenic

I believe this is the Nicky Norton White Tile method.

After cleaning the tiles with acetone I then spray paint them with gloss white spray paint and leave for a day.

Then the pattern is etched into the surface. I have done a few others where I then paint the tiles with acrylic ink to make a style like the Spanish and Portuguese tiles.

I will see if I can up load some of these onto the page as well. I have also done quite a few pictures this way with plywood, but in this case I use watered down acrylic artist paint to give a stain finish so that you can see the grain below.

An example of this is shown in the photo attached.


Graham Jenkins

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Hi Chris

Thanks for your feedback.

I did the whole four tiles at once.

I have set up a X and Y axis on my emblazer core with two pieces of aluminium angle with magnetic tape on the bottom.

I then align these axes with positioning from the laser and place the tiles down in the corner at 0, 0. Seems to work quite well in terms of alignment. I have also made tiles 600 long using two separate halves this way and they also align well.


Thanks for the info Graham.
The colouring technique is a great effect.