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I’ve started checking out the Laserweb software and I have questions.  From what I am reading there appears to be a somewhat drawn out installation process involving several bits and pieces of software and starting the program involves opening a command prompt and executing a command line sequence. This was just a cursory read but it seems rather complicated.  Will there be an installation program and desktop icon to start this program? Perhaps like the  special packages like LaserCut2D or Picengrave Pro provided for Emblaser 1 owners? Although the software looks great, in my opinion keeping all the different software pieces up to date and happy might be a task. In my experiences like this, one little problem with one little bit can cause hours of wailing and gnashing of teeth.  

Or perhaps I’m just looking for trouble.



Hi Mark,

The software will have an installer which will take care of the process.



Awesome. Thanks Domenic.

Our aim is to make things as easy as possible for customers. All these techy bits and pieces are not something you should need to worry about.

We have been working with the Laserweb developers for a while now and the installer is actually something that has been recently worked on.



This is precisely why I cancelled my Emblaser preorder.

I thought I’d pre-learn the software while waiting, had some problems, and got savaged the first time I showed interest.

Love the way he assumes *I* have a poor attitude, don’t know about Linux, and that there is no reason to stay on old software.

Searching github shows what bugs are still outstanding for which customers, if you’re interested…


What a irresponsible idiot, nice he is so high and mighty, he will go far with an attitude like that, so it’s open source, so what. If he is not bothered why has he got such a stinking attitude.

Just to share some information:

1: Laserweb is an open-source development for which Darkly Labs is an active contributor as well as sponsor. It is one of the best software packages we have seen for controlling a laser machine like the Emblaser 2 that we have ever seen.

Being open-source, there are a multitude of very experienced developers working on various aspects of the software. The software also draws from the community in general for input, suggestions, bug finding and resolution.

2: Darkly Labs will be directly supporting all their customers with respect to the software. Questions, comments, suggestions, problems etc should come through us.

We will have a specific Laserweb category on our Community for this.