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LaserWeb for fill burn


I’m looking to burn some nerd coasters for people at work. It has a combination of cuts and fill burn to put an image on.

If you see the attached image, I would like to cut along the pink line, and then have different fill burns for the blue and green.

I have to admit, I’m not sure how to do this in LightBurn. I just haven’t figured it out. In the old days I have managed this in LaserWeb (when it worked). I’ve looked at the manuals and online but I feel like I’m missing something.

When I import the image, it’s only outlines. I can’t individually select components.

What’s the process of doing this?


HI Brent,

When you import this into LightBurn all the shapes will be grouped together. This first thing to do is select everything and click on the ‘ungroup’ button from the top icons.

You can now select individual shapes.

Select each shape in turn and assign it a color by clicking on the color swatch at the bottom of the UI. Every time you do this, a new Cut Layer is created in the Cut Menu.

You can now define how each layer is handled (cut, engraved, darkness etc).

If you are new to LightBurn, I recommend watching the first 3 tutorials we have. They will get you going very quickly:






Brent, I think Domenic might have created a bit of a typographical error in the sentence “You can not define how each layer is handled” because I believe he means to say “You can NOW define how each layer is handled.”

Great pick up Fred. Thank you.

Deep breath…Type slowly…Re-read…Then hit submit…Got it now!

Thanks guys! I must have missed the tutorials, and the different terminology hasn’t helped.

I’ll let you know how I go