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LaserWeb + Assistant (Beta)

We are getting close to officially releasing the latest version of LaserWeb, which will now contain our ‘Assistant’.

We have released the ‘beta’ version in case you wish to test-drive it. 

The Assistant is a helpful interface for new users to LaserWeb. It provides a simplified process for working through the LaserWeb steps to use your Emblaser 2.

The Assistant is not designed to be a complete replacement for working with laserWeb. It only provides a basic set of the features for new users to become familiarised with the software.

Closing the Assistant will drop you into LaserWeb and you can work as normal.



Firstly, installing this version of LaserWeb will require a firmware update. This is a very easy process. If you decide to revert to an earlier version of LaserWeb, you will need to revert to the earlier firmware as well. Don’t worry, we provide both sets of files, just in case.

Secondly, the Assistant still contains a few known bugs, as listed below. If you would rather not have to deal with them, we recommend you hold off until we officially release it.



Step 1:

Download your version of LaserWeb and the new SD Card contents below:

LaserWeb+Assistant for Win: LINK

LaserWeb+Assistant for OSX: LINK

New E2 SD Card Contents: LINK

Old E2 SD Card Contents: LINK (In case you wish to revert to the existing version)


Step 2:

Unzip the contents of the New SD Card onto your desktop.

Start your E2 and once the EMBLASER2 drive appears, replace the contents with the new files you have just unzipped.


Step 3:

Restart your E2. This will automatically update the firmware for you.

You will know it is complete and working after your machine performs its homing cycle.


Step 4:

Install and run your downloaded copy of LaserWeb.

You will be presented with the Assistant page as shown below.



* Material Database may not load correctly instll

If this occurs, return to the starting screen, select ‘EXTRAS’ and then ‘Factory Reset’

* WiFi is not supported yet (soon!)

* OPEN an existing workspace presents blank screen.


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Looks good Domenic,

One bug which I have run into involves loading and running past gcode generated on the previous version of laserweb.
While the job loads and runs fine, at the end of the job the laser homes and instead of beeping twice to indicate the end of the job, there is just a constant beep as if there is an error. This cannot be aborted and the machine has to be manually turned off to stop the beeping.

Newly generated gcode does not have this issue however.

I also did not experience the bug when opening past workspaces.


Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the feedback.

The reason older gcode causes this problem at the end of the job is that the homing commands have changed with the newest firmware.

Unfortunately there is no way to avoid this without manually altering some lines from the older saved out gcode.

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Ahh thanks Domenic,

Looks like the only difference is the very last line.
I’ll try pasting the new homing commands over the old ones.