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Lasered leather for notebook front cover

this will be the front of a leather notebook cover.  20cm high. FR 4000 max power 30 using PEP5


Very impressive Caroline! The detail is amazing!!

Thanks for sharing.


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As always, nicely done.


Have you tried cutting leather yet?  I am in the process of making some wall art using a map design.  It would be nice to actually cut out the design and make different layers (land and sea). I ordered some leather online and got extra so I can test.  If you already have suggestions they would be much appreciated.




hey matthew, i haven’t had much success cutting leather.  I have cut thin leather 1mm, but it needed about 15 passes.  I haven’t experimented much, but believe different types of leather would cut differently…veg tanned, chrome tanned, oil stuffed, there are so many types.  Also the burnt edges can become an issue.  I bought the emblaser for engraving mainly, but for cutting i just use a scalpel or utility knife.  Sorry i couldn’t help more.  cheers

Thank you Caroline, that was actually very helpful!


I’ve been cutting leather this week with great result (using lightburn) I’m using 1mm leather so far. Making some notebook covers. And Lightburn went through the leather with a single cut using the 1mm default setting, although I did end up slower it down just a bit so that it would get through all the tougher bits. Then I wiped the edges with a damp cloth and all the soot came off easily.