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Laser Wood - HELP

I’m dying from lack of wood. The machine works great. But finding decent laser cuttable wood is a absolute pain.

I would love to even order from AU, but the store says local only.


Im throwing away one batch. Seems like a lot of companies here “make” there own. and the dim are not that consistent, and then

you get glue lines that are just not cutable. 


Anyone have suggestions? (With shipping to singapore)

Hi Glen

Try balsa ply in Melbourne.

Here is their address  https://www.balsacentral.com/collections/plywood

There is a range of thickness and face veneers.

Keep to the lighter colouring and  try settings of 4 mm/sec, 100 %, and 4 passes.

Mostly you can just get through 2.5 mm.

Sometimes 3 mm depends on the density of the veneer and lack od hard pieces in the veneer.

Best of luck



Darkly Labs are selling laser ply - check out their store.

I had some success with Tasmanian Beech Myrtle.  While visiting Island Specialty Timbers factory in Geeveston, I found a 4.5mm plank.  The E2 needed a few passes, but the result was very pleasing.  No charring of the piece.  Of course, there was melted resin, but a light and careful sanding dealt with that.


Picture is rough,  still learning how to use the laptop camera…


I find the stuff from Ply Co pretty good to use. That said their thickness are weirdly priced and often around 0.2-0.4 smaller then ordered.