Laser wont home properly

I had to get a new motherboard as the previous one started to smoke when I installed the V2 air assist. When I turn the machine on it starts to move the Laser head to home but instead of doing the normal thing it comes back down the Y axis and then moves to the right slightly before making a weird sound and stopping.
If i try to home it from there it just makes a prolonged alarm sound
I have a video but I cant upload mp4s onto here

Hi Joel,

Can you please send this video to:
We can take a look at this and assist you to resolve any issues.


Customer Support Team

I just wanted to add this here for anyone else who may experience the same issue where when homing the Laser Carriage moves to the extreme left (correctly), then moves to the front (instead of rear). This may cause the Laser Carriage to crash and homing will fail.

This is most common on an Emblaser Core after assembly, or on either the Emblaser Core / 2 after the Controller Board has been removed or replaced.
In this case, this issue was that the Motor Cables were reversed. Switching the two cables on the Controller Board resolved the issue.