Laser will not cut through!

Brand new to this, Emblaser 2 has not been used for 6+ months - probably longer, staff member in charge of machine has left company (public library)

Initial test set fire to wood (image1), took apart lens and cleaned, (image 2) still not producing crisp detail/not cutting through. (images in replies.)

Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated!

Hi Sam,

Check out this video to work out the best settings to use for the material you’re using.
There are a number of different factors that you might need to look into, but this is a great place to start and understand how to work out settings for any material you might wish to try cutting.


Hi Samantha,

I just wanted to check in to see if you are still experiencing any issues getting started with your Emblaser?

From the images provided, this looks like a focus issue, which could be due to improper Support and Material values - or you may need to run a Focus Calibration.

Hello Gil and Lliam!

We had the material settings for 3mm plywood, is there something else we should have done?
My thought was because the tech sat dormant for so long it may need re-calibrating, so I have taken apart the lens and cleaned it using lightburn and run a focus calibration, and now the laser does not appear to be working at all… Has anyone had this issue before?

Maybe I do not have the lazer housing lined up properly?

Many thanks!

Hi Samantha,

As long as your Support and Material settings (in the Cuts / Layers tab) match your set up, you should be good to start using the machine.

If you are not seeing any laser or the laser is dim, it may be that the Nozzle is not correctly aligned - see this link: Emblaser 2 / Core - How to Align the Nozzle

If you performed a Gen1 lens clean, it is worth double checking that the Lens Housing height is correct - see below:

Notice that in the circular detail, the top of the upper groove on the Lens Housing is flush with the bottom of the Laser Heatsink.
If you need to adjust this, you will need to re-run a Focus Calibration.

Also, please ensure the Focus Lens is installed with the curved face upwards.

If you are still having issues, it might be best to send a video of the machine performing a Focus Calibration routine to