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Hi all,


I’m usually pretty quick with picking things up with computer software but I’m stumped. 

I’m so used to using the Cut2D software with emblaser 1 and I love that software I find it so easy and simple but trying to figure out my normal everyday uses on the laser web software it seems complex? am I looking at it all wrong ? how did you all find using it for the first time? is there a simple drawing bar (tools) as there is in cut2d? I feel like I was so excited for my new laser now I’m scared of the headache to follow. 


Thanks guys!

I am also not to impressed with the software. I was hoping I would have been able to type text or adjust shaped in the Laserweb software…:slight_smile:

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Fear not! Theres no need to leave your comfort zone, Don’t replace Cut2D with Laserweb, just replace the Vtransfer bit.

Do all your work in Cut2D, including setting the laser parameters (noting you’ll need to rethink your Emblaser 1 values to allow for the greater power of Emblaser 2), hit the Calculate button as usual but untick the box that says ‘output direct to machine’. Then when you hit the ‘Save toolpath to file’ button you’ll get the save box to choose the name and location to save the gcode to.

Save it, then you’ll need to edit the gcode file to tell the machine the start height of the laser, ie: the thickness of your material plus 10mm for the mats if you are using them plus the offset that you got from calibrating the machine.

Open the file in notepad and near the top add the line:

G0 Zxxxx.xxx

where xxxx.xxx is the height value. For example if you are cutting 3mm ply and using the mats  and your offset was 2.5mm ,this would be:

G0 Z15.500

Also, if you are using air assist I think you also need to addthe line:


(M09 is air assist off)

Save the file , open laserweb and go to the CAM tab.

Find the line that says GCODE, choose the red ‘open folder’ button to the right of that and select the file. Your file should draw in the window. Ignore the green lines, they aren’t part of the picture they are just showing the laser travel path.

Go to the COMMS tab and connect the emblaser either by USB or IP if using wifi

Go to the JOG tab, hit the RUN JOB button and it should all happen.

Note: Initially you’ll need to preload the Emblaser 2 parameters into laserweb as per the set up instructions.

 Hope this helps in some way. Please someone correct any mistakes, I wrote this pretty late!

Chris J


I also was disappointed with LaserWeb but realise it is under development and it does have some great features such as sending raster files to the E2. 

LaserWeb is not a CAD software package as such.  It is a means of sending SVG, Image or Gcode files to the E2.  I am a heavy Vectric user as I also run Aspire for my CNC machine.  I also wanted to continue using Cut2D-L by sending Gcode via LaserWeb as I have lots of  jobs saved and am accustomed to it and like it.  So, I spent quite some time working on 2 post processors for Cut2D-L that work well. (Air or No Air)

With the post processors, there is no need to manually edit the Gcode file as per Chris’s post. By the way I also used this method until Domenic put the final piece in the puzzle on my/our post processor development.  Just put in your total height (mat+material+offset) in the material height in  Cut2D-L setup and save your gcode rather than send it direct via Vtransfer as Chris has highlighted.

I’m happy to share the Post Processors with info on how to set them up in Cut2D-L if anyone is interested. 

I’m very interested in learning more about the cut2d laser post processor process Daryl. If you could elaborate, that would be great!

Cheers Sandy



I am at the moment putting a “howto” together and will post it here for others in the next hour or so.  You might like to try it out and let me know if it works for you or there are holes in my description. 

It is Windows based … mmmmmm   not sure if CUT2D-L has a Mac version or not!





Hi Daryl,

That sounds even easier!  I also use picengrave and have  to edit the gcode there by hand too before sending it to laserweb, so its become a natural thing to do…

Try this link.  (Sorry it’s so big)  I cant post files other than images.  Let me know if you can download the files ok.




Thanks guys!

When I import from cut2d it leaves the work out of the grid space (eg it sits at the bottom underneath the grid section!)

And when I try to create a g code for it the file doesn’t exist for me to drag it? I’m so confused!

The link in the previous post contains “howto” Cut2D-L to LaserWeb gcode operation plus the two required post processors to make it all happen.


Hi kakiparty,


If you are following the instructions above or in Daryls link, you don’t need to do the  create  gcode step in laserweb, that is what was created in Cut2Dlaser, you just need to go to jog> run job.

As per the placement issue, if you click on the work, it should change to blue flashing lines, which you should be able to move around with the mouse? (I’m not at my laser at the moment so I can’t confirm if this is what happens with directly imported gcde files. It does do it with .svg ones.)