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Laser unit is tilted

Hi Domenic

Since the laser unit is tilted, the cutting plane becomes oblique

I think that this result is not normal

Please tell me how to fix it

The following is a reference image

The inclination is only in one direction

Thank you


(Your silicon mats are up the wrong way - I made the same mistake)


Hi Tom

Thanks for the response.

Please forgive me my lousy English.

Thank you for pointing out of silicon mats.

However, as the thickness of the mat was fixed, it was not improved even if the direction was changed

I noticed it with 3 mm MDF, so I tried it with 20 mm balsa

Everyone, is the cutting plane vertical?

Thank you


The logos should be facing down. You have the mats upside down


We are checking this at the moment to see what could be the cause.


Thanks for the response.


I turned the mat upside down and cut the 6 mm MDF

The x direction seemed to be tilted

I will post pictures at a later date



Thank you
I am glad if I can identify the cause


Thank you