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Laser turns off

Every now and then the laser just turns itself off during the cut.

not every time, but even after i have cleaned the fan (cotton bud and can of air), it seems to keep happening.

any suggestions for what i can check?



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Hi Alan,

Can you check that the corner lid contacts are clean?

Also, is there anything you can identify with when this occurs? Is the machine making fast movements, is it always in the same place, is it after a certain period of time?

Thank you,


It usually happens after a period of time though sometimes i have to press the button a few times, i thought i had fixed it when i changed the table it sits on to something more stable.

i was worried about teh connections in the corner of the lid, how do i clean them? occasionally, giving it a slight push in the corners fixes it.


Some isopropyl alcohol or even a clean cloth can be used to clean the two pin contacts as well as the surfaces of the PCB in the handles.

Definitely making sure the machine is on a very flat and stable surface will help, but this should not be causing intermittent disabling.

I was having similar trouble to this. Turns out one of the USB ports on my laptop was a bit funny and was disconnecting the machine. Everytime it disconected the machine would stop cutting but stay on.

i wiped the contacts with the Isopropyl alcohol and it solved the issue initially. the next time i use the machine, i had to open it all the way open and close it again and it was fine, so maybe its a bit loose on the hinges for me? 

not an issue now that cleaning it seems to work fine.

Hi Alan,

Can you please try closing the lid and enabling the laser.

With the lid closed, try to slide it a little left and right. There should be a little movement. Don’t force it too much.

Can you verify if this causes the laser to disable?