Laser turning off over certain parts of the bed

So i was using my Emblaser earlier today and noticed that it stopped cutting, even though the indicator light was still on.

For whatever reason, the laser seams to be switching off over most of the bed, only coming on when in the bottom right hand corner.

I’ve taken a video of it framing a cut so you can see the light comes on and then goes off again on its own.

Any ideas as to what the cause or solution might be?


Hi Dabiel,

I suspect the connection of the FFC (Flat Flexible Cable) to the Laser Driver PCB, or the FFC itself is intermittent. This can cause the laser to turn on/off and sometimes issues with homing or Z-motion.

I recommend first checking the exposed portion of the FFC for any damage, and if nothing is apparent, attempting to re-seat the FFC in the FFC Connecter.
Please find the required instructions below:

If the above is unsuccessful, I recommend sending an email to with reference to this post and we can look into what options are available to resolve the issue.

~ Lliam

Thanks fort that, I will try it tomorrow!

Hi Liliam,

Thanks for the assistance. I followed the instructions provided and now the laser is failing to find the home position.

I’ve followed the instructions through the support site, made sure that the FFC is connected securely and that all of the cables went back in the correct way as well.

This is the current position that it believes is"Home", laser lowered and everything. This is the third such position it has decided is home between power cycles, including different Z-Axis positions.

Do you have any idea what the issue might be?


This is what the FFC looks like as well, there is a slight kink in the cable, might that be the issue and the cable needs to be replaced?

Hi Daniel,

Yep - I think you found the problem. I recommend contacting our Sales Team with your address and contact number to arrange a replacement.

It is possible that there is damage to the FFC Connector also, however in this case the damage pictured is quite clear and is very likely what is causing the issue.

~ Lliam