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Laser stopped working

Hi guys,


I have raised a ticket but thought some others might have suggestions:

i recently installed the air assist,updated the firmware and even cleaned the lens with the cleaning kit.

i now cannot even get the machine to cut through a bit of paper at 100% power at 300mm min, which is enoiugh to go through MDF.

it does not even make a mark. this seems to have happened part way through a cut, when the laser was at the highest Y position. it seems to crimp the air assist tube a bit and i could hear a bit of noise, but then it was fine. not sure if relevant.

any suggestions for what i can do?

Hello ALan,

Did this get resolved somehow? I had similar problems today, disassembled the lens and found it burnt out inside the two layers of glass/plastic


When this happened, the lens had some dirt burned on to it, which i got fixed  (had to send it to a repair person) and it solved the issue.

Best to raise a ticket etc.