Laser runs very slow

Even before I went to the 10W laser my E2 machine was intermittently running slow, and there is a whine I suspect is probably from the control board.
Today it was running very slowly and even the return to home is like slow motion.
Even the beeps on return home are drawn out. It does it on different file jobs so doesn’t seem to be tied in with a particular job. Is my control board “losing control”?

Hi Laser_Rod,

Thanks for posting on the Darkly Labs Community site.

This is a very rare issue (I’ve only seen it once before).
Can you please email with your machines serial number (located on the rear, in the format E2-XXXXX) as well as your address and contact number.

If you could also provide a short video of the homing sequence that would be great.


Thanks Lliam, I went back to previous firmware version as you suggested and Laser seems to be running quite well although has a noisy vibration when being moved horizontally. Ok when engraving though. If it continues to run ok I will try again updating to the latest firmware & see how it goes.

Thanks for letting me know, Rod!
If you have any further issues, please email and we can look into this further.

Thanks Lliam, I will let you know how it goes. Haven’t run laser on a larger job since going back a version of the firmware.