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Laser power suddenly reduced?


Ive been using my emblaser for a couple of hours now. At first i cut 1mm birch plywood with 75% power, 1 pass, and 500mm/min and it perfectly cut through it. Now trying the same settings, same material, and i can barely see any effect on the material?? What should i do, is there a problem with the laser diode, or is it software/driver related or something. 

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Frustrated and confused.

Just tried 100% and 500mm/m on a 1mm paper, and it doesn’t even cut through that. Any ideas?

It somehow went out of focus or something?

I removed the silicone nozzle and now it’s working again, i think… I’m total newbie with these machines and just freaking out on simple things i guess.

I think you will find that the laser beam is not coming through the air assist nozzle properly. Every time I remove the nozzle for cleaning I make a calibration test to make sure the beam cuts properly. Sometimes a slight tweak is required but I am sure that is what is causing your problem.


Thanks Ralph. It seemed to be the issue. I’ve been using the laser without the silicone nozzle for now. I have the air assist module but i haven’t installed it yet. 


@Ralph Robertson

If you don’t mind me asking, how did you tweak your nozzle to make them cut properly again? Mine has a brass nozzle and after the deep lens cleaning I can’t get the lasers to cut anything :frowning:

Hi Adela,

I am running an EM2 with the rubber nozzle so it is simply a matter of grabbing hold of it and manipulating the end so it points in the right direction. I repeatedly run a calibration until I am happy it is right. It makes a huge difference if you get the beam pointed to the middle of the nozzle.

What the procedure is for the brass nozzle I don’t know but I see Darkly now sell the rubber nozzle in their online shop. See if the laser will cut without the air assist attached, it usually shows that the alignment is wrong.