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Laser on Tiles with E1

Im sure youve recently seen on various facebook groups a lot of folks getting great results lasering images onto tiles painted black -often using the dawood script  -my tests so far have failed miserably - Im wondering if anyone has successfully done this using an emblaser?

Im working my way through the power settings/speed combos but it would be great if someone had already done this.

Im using a Emblaser 1.5 4W





Can you give us some links to this?

Not sure what the dawood script is?

What type of paint are you using?

What is failing?

The script is something Sean created and provided on his FB group. It’s a set of automated commands for Paint Shop Pro functions. I have seen some nice work on tiles in that group that were done with diode lasers. Haven’t tried it myself yet.

Sean’s FB group. … https://www.facebook.com/groups/250911899106529/


This is the results of someone in Seans Fb group


my testing so far


The white marks are where I tested cleaning up the image with solvent


The idea is to spray black paint onto a gloss white tile then burn the image inverted in lightburn onto the tile, then clear up the tile - Im sure its possible with an emblaser just wondering how successful others might have been 

Our friend Gil has been experimenting with this process using his Emblaser 2 and LightBurn.

Here are some results shared on his behalf.