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Laser not cutting glitter cardstock

My Emblaser 2 is not cutting through 300gsm glitter cardstock.
Settings- laser 100%, height 13mm, speed 800mm/sec, 2 pass.

Could it be that my lens is dirty?
I did engraved 50 bamboo cutting boards for christmas.


Is it the glitter causing problems? (I dislike glitter fullstop. lol)
Are both sides glittered? Cut through from the other side?
Can you still cut through normal cardstock of that thickness?

If wiping the outside of the lens doesn’t fix it, then yes, you may need to pull the lens out and check it’s all clean in the assembly there.

I’ve found sometimes it’s not the card that’s the issue, but something about whatever glue is being used on it. 

In which case, try a different supplier of glitter card and see if it’s different.