Laser no longer working

I’ve just purchased the Emblaser 2. The machine was working as expected until today. Halfway through a piece i was engraving the laser stopped working. Now whenever i try to engrave or cut any thing the laser head moves and follows the assigned path, but the laser doesn’t fire. I have tried taking the silicone shroud off to refocus the laser, powering off, disconnecting from power and i have checked that it has the latest firmware.

Please help i only got to use my machine for 1 day…

Hi Bradley,

Thanks for posting on the Darkly Labs Community site!

If the red Enable LED has turned OFF, it is likely that the Lid has become mis-aligned during transport. This is simple to correct by following the instructions available here: Lid Interlock Alignment

If the Enable LED remains ON, but there is no laser visible, it is likely that the Nozzle is mis-aligned - see: Nozzle Alignment

If you are unable to correct the issue based on the instructions above, please send an email to with your machines serial number so that we can look into this further.

The red light does come on, so that is fine. I actually took the nozzle off to try a refocus and the laser still wouldn’t function.