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Laser life expectancy?

About how long should an E2 laser head last?

Cost of replacement?

Also, what are the main components for which I should be planning to have replacements on hand in good time?

(I am trying to figure a reasonable wear & tear cost to apply to models, etc made for sale.)

Hi Michael,

The laser life is always a difficult one to estimate for diode based machines. It ultimately comes down to many factors, including how hard a customer pushes it. The specifications for the laser diode itself state it is rated to 10,000hrs, but this is in ideal laboratory conditions. In reality, we expect it to be around 2000-5000hrs.

If you needed to keep a set of spares, I would recommend the following:

1 x Laser diode unit (on our online store)

1 x Exhaust fan (to be added to store shortly)

1 x Laser head fan (to be added to store shortly)

1 x Focusing Lens (to be added to store shortly)


Thinking out aloud Domenic.  Could your list of recommended spares be bundled as a spares kit?


Hi Daryl,

Good idea. Let me add that into the mix.

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I too would be interested in purchasing a ‘spare bundle’

Long time getting back to this…


I would like to get the link direct to that part of whichever website, please.


I had to totally reboot my computer, so lost track of total run-time.  I have been making a few model buildings (HO scale ) and wish to factor into the asking price the cost of future replacement parts.