Laser is not moving on the Z axis

I just bought a Emblaser 2 about a month ago and I’m just getting started trying to use it. I finally was able to calibrate the camera lens by downloading an older version of Lightburn. I then went to calibrate the camera alignment and when I go to start the burn the laser doesn’t lower on the Z axis to engrave on the paper. It goes through the motions but nothing happens. I’m brand new to laser engraving and cutting so any help would be appreciated.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for posting on the Darkly Labs Community site.

Can you please confirm the following:

  • Which version of LightBurn you are using?
  • Do you have the Emblaser item in the menu bar?
  • Does the Focus Calibration work (Z lowers, etc.)?

Next, can you please share a screenshot of the second step of the Camera Alignment Wizard, (this should be a page with various settings for engraving the alignment pattern)?

Here is some screen shots and I was not able to add a video of the start of the burn, showing the laser not moving down on the z axis. Like I said I’m brand new to this and I also attached screenshoots of my settings. I’m running Lightburn 1.1.04 in able to use the capture feature with my Mac.

Uploading: Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 6.57.13 AM.png…

Uploading: Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 6.57.34 AM.png…

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for providing those.
It appears that either the Emblaser Device is not set up correctly in LightBurn - OR - you are using a standard LightBurn license, not the one that came with your machine.

You can read how to set up the Emblaser device within LightBurn correctly here: LightBurn: How to Manually Create a LightBurn Device

If you do not see the ‘Emblaser’ options in Step 3 of the Device Wizard, please check that you are using the license that came with your Emblaser.

Alternatively, if this is a second-hand machine and the license was purchased separately - you will need to purchase a Darkly Labs version of LightBurn, available on our web-store.

Please let me know if the above does not resolve your issue.

~ Lliam

Thanks for the help. Sorry I’ve been to busy to sit down and mess with the Emblaser. So yes it worked and I was able to complete lesson 1. I went to start lesson 2 and smoke started coming out of the back vents and seeping out of the top of the door. I felt the end of the exhaust hose and didn’t feel much air pushing out. How can I check to see if the exhaust fan is working?


Disregard the last message. I was able to take the hose out of the back and reinstall it. It was stuck in to far and wan’t allowing the airflow to come out.


Hi Jeff,

I’m glad you were able to get started with the lessons and that you have resolved the exhaust issue.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if there is anything further I can assist you with.

~ Lliam