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Laser diode has been polluted -the need for frequent lens and - surprisingly - even mirror cleaning

I’ve been using my Emblaser 2 for quite a while and I am happy with the way it works, when it works properly. There is one problem which makes the use of this machine quite complicated, and that is the need for frequent lens and - surprisingly - even mirror cleaning.

Today I’ve noticed decreased performance, so I’ve decided to deep clean the lens again. I’ve polished the lens and the mirrors, but the problem has not gone away. So I’ve unmounted the heatsink from the movable unit by unscrewing the one screw from below and I’ve noticed that even the cover of the laser diode has been polluted. I’ve polished it as well which has been quite difficult, but in the end I’ve succeeded, put the whole unit back together and fortunately it works now again as expected.

This has been the first time I had to disassemble the whole unit and it has made me quite nervous as even without this I have been forced to deep clean the lens and the mirrors once a week if the machine have been used almost continuously. I’ve been using nothing but the poplar plywood, but the lens and the mirrors have been getting dirty quite often and always on the same spots.

Do you have any idea what to do to prevent this from happening or at least make the interval between cleaning longer? This really makes me nervous because I am afraid that the number of cycles of dissassembling, cleaning and reassembling is not infinite and one day I could end up with damaged thread or any other kind of failure which would be beyond repair (at least for me).

I have also been using a home-made air assist consisting of the aquarium pump as it was cheaper than the original air assist and it seems to be helping a lot with the quality, but I’ve been also hoping that it would solve the problem with the lens getting dirty. But the fact that even the mirrors get dirty and sometimes faster than the lens makes me wonder how could this happen, the whole unit does not seem to have any large gaps that would allow the mirrors to get dirty that easily, yet they do…

Thank you in advance for your answer. Best regards, Anastazie Solcova