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Laser cut jewellery

Finally got some time to post some of the pictures of earrings and pendants made on my Emblasers:

Have cut these out in acrylic and solid wood. Am really happy with the way they have come out.

Made a few for my wife and now she has so many requests that it has turned into a small business.

Have cut out more than 100 different pairs so far. 



This inspiring!

I have also made some jewellery in timber. So far acrylic has eluded me; lots of melty bits.

Those feather earrings are my favourite.

How do you finish the wood for jewellery? Oil or Clear polyurethane spray?

Thanks Tom, I finish the wood with natural oil.

These are incredible!  Please tell me everything!  I am a high school technology teacher and my students would go nuts over these. Where do you get supplies?  What speeds and powers do you run at?  So sorry for all the questions but we are loving learning with this laser.  We want to make school spirit earrings.  :slight_smile:

Thanks Jamie

Have cut these out on solid pine wood (approx 3-4mm thick) and 2mm acrylic sheets sourced locally (Mumbai, India)

Settings are :

Acrylic: 200mm/s ; 100% power ; 2 passes

Pine Wood: 175mm/s ; 100% power ; 3 to 4 passes ; Z offset 1.5mm (In) ; Z step per pass 0.2mm