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Laser always on?

I had a job fail earlier today; the laser head stopped moving but the laser stayed on, so it scorched a big hole. No big deal; I aborted, cleared the alert, and homed.

However, now whenever I enable the laser, it turns on, shining like a dim flashlight before the laser head lowers to start a job. 

Any idea what’s wrong or how to fix it? 

Hi Nathan,

This is the normal behaviour when the laser is enabled and would have been doing that all along.

When the laser is enabled, the laser powers up and is in a pre-laser mode. It is below the threshold of the diode producing laser light.

You can use this to help align your laser to your material if you like.

Thank you, Domenic. I must not have noticed it before. I feel a bit foolish, but thank you for alleviating my panic! 

Is there any way to manually turn the pre-laser mode on and use it as a pilot laser pointer to find the exact center of my work space to align materials on?

This can be done with the lid closed only due to Class 1 restrictions and safety requirements.

Enabling the laser only with the lid closed will illuminate it in low power mode.