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Lamp and Skyline of my home town

Hi :slight_smile:

I made a lamp and a skyline of my home town. It’s a very old town with unique shapes of the old buildings. It’s designed for 3mm plywood.

lamp: 31x20x20cm
skyline: 48x9cm


Looks great!


Very nicely done.

Looks great - what type of lamp do you use?

@Tom B: I bought this socket with plug and switch at the DIY store. Installation is very simple. A standard light bulb emits too much heat, so LED is recommended.

The LED lamp is from a well known swedish furniture store. 600ml is good, but I’ll try 1000lm brightness. Maybe I’ll try one of the wifi remote lamps :slight_smile:

There are also LED lamps on ebay, which can simulate a flame. Awesome!


Thank you. I thought there might be USB powered lamps for smaller lamps out there.

Nice if you can buy a globe from eBay that “simulates a flame” rather than “activates a flame”