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Kitchen Fun

When the wife has friends over and you decide to hide in the kitchen with your laser, everything is fair game:) Graham cracker, Wheat cracker, cookie and the “I hit the snooze button too many times but still need to eat” a Poptart!


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Wow… but looks bad for health ^^;

I expected the Poptart to be pretty nasty tasting and I was right about one thing that day, yuk!  The glossy white took a lot of power to mark, so it was beyond brunt.  The other items tasted normal if you ate them right away.  The next day, not so much. The little bit of char from marking made the cookie taste like an old ash tray.  I’m guessing it had to do with the sugar content, the crackers weren’t nearly as bad the following morning.  Kids being kids, they didn’t care it was something cool to eat because it came out of the laser.


I want to try gingerbread cut outs.

What chance of success?

Michael - I’d say not great.  It looked cool and the cracker tasted fine, the cookie not too bad, the pop tart horrible.  The darker the burn the worse it tasted and smelled the next day. The taste and smell was absorbed throughout the entire food item and not just at the lasered parts. I use the laser to cut sugar sheet for cake decorating and those taste fine (like toasted marshmallows) since its just the edges of the cut outs and its thin. Not sure how anything else food related will taste.