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Just doing some playing around

Well Done!

Looks like you are using a few different techniques there.

I might have to give the rounded chest lid box a go - looks great!

Thanks Domenic and Josh.


Mark looks great! What material (type/width) and settings did you use?

Hi Richard,

The treasure chest was done with 1/8 hard maple and cherry. I used settings of 100% power with 5 passes and cut rate of 150. Starting height was 11.5.

The 3D box was 1/4 balsa using 100% power, 6 passes and cut rate 100 and  a pass depth of .50. The top was engraved at 100%, 3 passes with a pass depth of 1.0. The starting height for the 3D was 16. The sides were done at 100% power, two passes,cut rate was 900 and no pass depth.


Thanks for the details Mark, gives me some settings to utilise in future for similar woods.

No problem at all Richard.  I’ve gotten a lot of useful info. from this forum so I like to pass on things when I can.

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