Just a few things that I have created on the Emblaser core

This is done using the fordite tile file that I found here. I sprayed the plywood Blue, then covered it in black spray paint. I am really happy with how it turned out

This is a tile using the same technique. The images I used are of my bearded dragon, taken on a phone.

This is a sign that I made for my Pop, I engraved the tractor using the laser, then hand painted the tractor.

A clock that I made for my Nan, with all the Grandchildren’s names on it. The kit was bought from Kmart.

This is a clock that one of my mates wanted made, I engraved the image on some pine board, then cut holes for the bottle tops to be placed into the clock. once I had done that, I put a Choc walnut stain onto it, then filled the holes with resin. This clock mechanism was bought at Timberbits.com


Great selection of projects - Nice work!
The painting on the tractor is well done - what sort of paint did you use?

I used some Arylic spray paint that I brought from Aldi, it was the only paint I had, and was worried that it might bleed into the other colours as it was very watery.