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Job stops sometimes during same job


Am running a fairly simple job - (3016 lines).  Ran it about 8 times and then it just stuck midway (queue read 1045) in the job.  Abort does not work so I have to turn off the machine.

Ran another 20 or so after that and then it stuck again.

Would appreciate any assistance.


Hi Stevenson, 

Something worth checking is your Screensaver settings on your laptop/computer. I found that if the Screensaver kicked in and blanked out my screen Laserweb came to a screaming halt. I reset my Screensaver to ‘never’ and solved the issue.


Hi Bob,


Should have mentioned - no screen saver activated and it has happened on 2 different machine so I figure that it is not PC related.



Could be this: https://darklylabs.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115002005572-Emblaser2-stops-after-3-mins-X-and-Y-Home-and-then-constant-alarm

Hi Tom,

I found out what it was - faulty USB port.  Switched to another one and all is well in the world!!