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Jagged lines during cut

Fired up my Emblaser 2 after a while. Using Lightburn for the first time. I followed the YouTube tutorial and set the cut profile to paper. For some reason some of the lines cut are jagged. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Michael - I can’t be any help on this one but I have the same issue when I’m engraving. Cutting is fine, but I’ve got the wiggles when engraving.  I haven’t been able to figure it out because its not constant from job to job.  Someone suggested looking at the air assist to see if it was vibrating the laser head. 


I had a similar problem when cutting paper with air assist off. 

The settings from the included Library are fast and I assume the head has an inertia when moving at speed, so I lowered the speed and power settings as per my screenshot. They seem to work for me on 0.26mm green card stock.  I would have a play with your settings, based on my experience.

I actually reduced the speed to 15, and it didn’t help.

I think it’s the software, or the belts have gotten slightly loose over time. This link is for the Emblaser 1, but suggests the latter. I don’t know how to do the adjustment though.

Michael, what is the size of those letters?



Hi Domenic, and everyone. I’m still having this jagged line issue. It was mostly gone at speed of 15 but came back tonight. Any suggestions? Pictures attached for reference. Thanks!

And the overall size and settings

for reference.

I believe that since the design is very small and the laser needs to rapidly change directions quickly, it is not having enough time to adequately accelerate and de-accelerate.

This will cause the laser head to have oscillations, as you see.

The one solution is to slow down your speed. This should reduce / eliminate the waviness of your results.


OK I will try to reduce the speed further. You mentioned changing the acceleration settings in another post - how can this be performed?

Here is an article on changing the acceleration parameters.

Please not that this is not a trivial process to follow and could potentially lead to damage of your machine if incorrectly performed. We recommend this only for users who have a good grasp on making adjustments to code and CNC technology like this: