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Jagged edges on laser burns that weren't there before

Hi all,

Tonight when I went to recut this wooden nickel, my lasered image was jagged (see left of photo). The original image (on right) was cut about two weeks ago. I tried numerous other images, tried importing new artwork (and different artwork), shutting everything down, unplugging and plugging in again and still getting the jagged edge. 

I messed with cutting settings as well. No matter how fine I make the line intervals, it cuts the same.

Any idea what the change might have been? I run a Mac and am running the latest version of LightBurn software. The artwork is an .svg file saved from Adobe Illustrator.

Looks more like the image is low pixel quality then the laser to blame?


Have you used the exact same image at the original resolution?

Hi Josh,

This is what’s so strange. The image does not contain pixels. It is vector artwork originally drawn in Adobe Illustrator and output as .svg. And yes, it is the original image.

What size are those objects? If they’re small, this could simply be not using a small enough interval value. The default is 0.1mm, but for very small objects you might want to try 0.05mm.

If they aren’t small, please zip the lbrn project file and the SVG together and email them to developer at LightBurnSoftware and we’ll have a look.

I did and did not solve the problem :slight_smile:

In my original doc, I had mm/sec checked in the prefs. I had switched to in/sec for another project. When I switched back to mm/sec the laser burned the wooden nickel perfectly like the first time. 

I have provided both screen grabs of the inches and mm. Can you tell me what the difference would be to cause the change if this is the case?

Thank you.

That is very strange - I’ll have a look on our side and see if I can sort out what it is.

1.31 inches/sec is not the same as 1.3mm/sec, but the other values all look proper. I’ll check the generated GCode to make sure the precision isn’t truncated incorrectly when running in inch mode.

I’ve looked into this, and it appears to be a fairly glaring oversight on my part - I have a value that determines the precision for numeric output, and it’s set when you jog, or frame, but apparently not when you cut. So, if you didn’t frame first, you’d have 2 decimals of precision in inch mode, which isn’t nearly enough.  I’m going to run some additional tests, but I think I have this sorted, and will have it in the next release.

That’s good to hear and thank you!