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I've got the Bends!

I have had some success with calibration, etc, by following Dominec et al,


Using recycled card from EcoCern, Leichardt - Sydney:  2mm, 1.5mm and 0.6mm.


The best Z axis tool offset is 2.75mm or 3 mm.  Is there any real difference Domenic?  i.e., does the calibration settings recognise the “.75” bit?


A complex cut is sometimes spoiled by bending, mid-cut.  The larger bits cut will sometimes bend up, ruining the calibration effect  for further cuts contained within.:  e.g. when preparing a sprue panel of window parts for a building kit, the frame will cut first.  If it then bends, the fine parts of the window frames will not cut through and are impossible to extract without damage.

I use a 90 degree metal square and strips of lead sheet to anchor cardstock.

Is there a way to sequence sub-parts of a cut without having to deconstruct a drawing into many sub-drawings (as I do with Laser Fill).

Thanks for your attention to this!



Is there 

IT would be nice if you could select individual elements and cut just those as you can in ct2Dlaser.

Failing that, I have been mucking around with the “filter stroke” option of Laserweb. If its possible, in the software that you used to create the .svg file change the colour of the window outsides to a different colour, say red.

Then when imported into laserweb select the filter stroke  option, this should bring up the different colours you have used. Select the colour that you used for the inside elements of the window and generate that as one job, then select the outside window element colour, and that will be your second job to run after the window internals are cut out. Obviously you can finesse this further by using more colours.

Does that help in some way?


Chris J.