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It's been quiet

Howdy Team Darkly! Any news or updates about the E2? It’s been a bit of time since we’ve heard anything. Hope it’s progressing well.


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Hi Wayne,

I just posted this update to another discussion:

We have been quiet lately but that’s only a result of us working around the clock to get the E2 completed.

Everything has been progressing very well. Most parts are into full production and we have been adding to small finishing touches here and there.

Our final optical system will be delivered in a couple of weeks and that is when we will be able to start posting cutting and engraving results we can stand behind as achievable. The optical system is currently receiving the special coatings needed to improve their efficiency.

The electronics are working beautifully and the process of approvals with them has begun. 

Software and camera integration are the areas that are starting to slightly lag and we will be pushing them along more now that the bulk of the production is in place.

We are so excited to start sharing more pictures, videos and performance results with everyone but need to have everything in place first.

Thanks Domenic for the run down. I had no doubts you guys have been hard at work. Can’t wait to hear more when there is more to report on!

Domenic, have you guys ever posted the results of the tests you have done on the acrylics? I keep searching and I am not finding anything from you guys yet. You received the test pieces back in 2015 according to posts I have read, but I cannot locate the results. I have one of the pre-march 2015 machines and would love to see some test results for the 3 watt.


Russ Armatage

Acrylic is not easy to cut with a laser diode. It is better suited for a CO2 laser which interacts with the material much more efficiently as a result of its laser frequency and extra laser power.

We currently have customers cutting 2mm black acrylic successfully with the 4 watt E1 in multiple passes. Check the project showcase area for examples.

Most other colors are difficult to cut, even with the extra power available in the E2, regardless of what you may read elsewhere. We have been working on achieving better acrylic cutting results for sometime now since it is a common request from customers.