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Issues after new firmware

Morning all. So I have a project that requires 6mm mdf.


My first attempt with the old versions of the firmware & laserweb went so so as there were segments that weren’t fully cut through.


I tried again (after installing the new firmware & laserweb) & changed the number of passes from 4 to 6. It took 10 hours & I reckon only cut about 2 to 3mm in depth.


Thoughts about what I should do? Feeling a bit flat & stupid for not testing with a smaller job but what can you do…


PS Have cleaned the laser unit so don’t think it’s that.

Success & failure. I hadn’t done a deep clean on the laser & that seems to have done it. Failure in that I realise I’m an idiot.


Does anyone else find the deep clean process really fiddly & difficult?

If you updated the firmware and/or laserweb, did you make sure the calibration (tool offset) value was still in the Setup/Machine/Tool Offset setting?  I have seen it where the value gets wiped back down to 0 which will turn your laser basically into a flashlight.  Also, if your calibration looks like it would be better at a 4.5 because 4 and 5 are the closest to being right, but not quite there, then go ahead and put in 4.5.  This has helped optimize cutting on my Emblaser 2.