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Is there a Test pattern for cutting and engraving

Hi Domenic, do you guys have a test pattern made up that we can use to try on different materials to determine the cutting and engraving rates? Something that has set rates already all set up so we can just put i a new material and press go?

Kinda like this 


or this


would be very handy for us beginners using emblaser 2, which I am super super happy with, awesome product!


Hi Cameron, I’m actually using this one at the moment and playing with settings. I will use them as a quick reference guide for different materials. Quite handy actually. 


I had to manually size them when I imported into laserweb to be 190 H x 140 W, but they lined up and work well. (note I deleted the text on the raster at the bottom… I think we were meant to do this anyway. I was worried it may laser! 

Unsure if you do it with burn white on or off ( I set mine as off). 

We have been both testing various patterns out there and also working on creating one specifically for the Emblaser 2.

It’s actually tricker than it seems to create an all encompassing test! 

Yes, I have been working in one that ramps from 100mm/min to 3000. For both cutting and laser fill. It is a series of star images. Assigning all the speeds to each one is a time consuming process. They height is the issue as it is too time consuming to change all the heights for diffrent material heights/thicknesses so I am making one each for 1mm, 2mm up to 6mm.

I will post the workspace files so that anyone can use, all they have to do is generate gcode, or should is it better to just save the gcode and post?

by the way, in the tutorial for the logo, the cut speed you have recommended there for 6mm corrugated cardboard from the packaging is 3000 mm/min. 

Best result i have had so far is 250mm/min 3 passes no height adjustment and air assist on. Just had my first fire today too, caution on intricate details on 6mm cardboard…dont do it…i now have my gopro above so i can constantly see whats going on, on my phone screen at all times, any word on camera function?

We have just published a tutorial showing how we determine the best engraving settings for a material


Tutorial on finding best cut settings is on the way.