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Intricate two layered ply brooches

Hi Everyone,

I have recently brought the Emblaser 2 and I have been having alot of fun with it. I have brought it to make models for my public art business but I have been making these brooches as a side project to get to know the machine and to fund raise for my son’s upcoming student exchange to Italy. This is photos of my first batch.

These have been made with two layers of ply, the top one is 1.2m beech ply and the bottom one is the 2.5 eucalyptus ply. I have been really impressed with the level of detail the machine can cut. Its incredible.

The only issues I am having is I am finding registration difficult, the camera isn’t really accurate enough for the purpose through I may have stuffed up the calibration somehow. Also the ply lifts on the edges and needs lot more passes the pieces in the centre.

cheers Jennie

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I love the look of these little brooches!

I’m always looking for tiny things to make using the offcuts from larger projects.

They look amazing. Well done.

Wow they are gorgeous, great job !