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Inkscape Tutorial

If you are having a learning curve issue with Inkscape like me, this video has a ton of useful information on basic tool usage, setup, controls, creating and manipulating objects, using the alignment tools, editing nodes, and more. Its a little old, so the version he is using is a little out of date, but the commands are all the same. He does a lot of visual alignment, the new version of Inkscape has snap tools. There is a bit at the end where he talks about some laser specific setup stuff so you can bail out…but most of it has lots of useful info. Enjoy…and take notes…I did!




Tks David

There are also some great extensions for laser. Two I used on he weekend are Box creator & Living hinge generator.

I’m a total noob with this product but these extensions are just drop down menus under Entensions/ Laser tools

both can be found with a quick search of google and are free.


I have the living hinge extension, but I was unaware of the box making one. I will have to get that one. Thanks for the heads up.