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Importing SVG files with Graphic

I am trying to import a svg design that was made in Inkscape that includes a graphic but every time I

import the file the graphic is not being imported.


What am I doing wrong?



I believe jpeg (and other) graphics added to an Inkscape drawing are only linked to, not embedded. I’m not an Inkscape expert but I think if you export (rather than Save) the Inkscape file there are options for including the graphic.

LightBurn doesn’t support embedded bitmaps in vector files yet. It’s being worked on, but since there is an easy alternate path (import the bitmaps) we prioritized other features first.


Bring the image and drawing in separately, just as we demonstrate in the Jigsaw Puzzle lesson.

LightBurn has great alignment tools if needed.


Thanks for all the info. Just wanted to use a file I been using for a while.