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Importing / Opening Files in Lightburn



I have a a library of Adobe Vector files that I was running Cut2D which won’t open in Lightburn.  I either get nothing at all or just a few random lines of the design.  I have tried both opening & importing.  I have converted from AI to SVG with still no luck.  They will import as a jpeg but due to detail won’t trace as well as I would like.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:





Hi Naomi,

Can you please send us some examples of these files so we can examine them?

If you could please email to us and also the LightBurn developers.

info ‘at’ darklylabs.com

lightburnsoftware ‘at’ gmail.com


Hi Domenic

Thanks for the quick reply, will email them to you shortly.  



Hi Naomi,

The LightBurn team and I have checked over the files you sent.

It appears that although they are named with .ai extensions, they are in fact .eps files. This is why LightBurn does not import them correctly, since it doesn’t currently support the .eps format.

I opened all the files with Illustrator and saved them out as .ai files. They all opened correctly in LightBurn after that. See the image below.

The LightBurn team have also added a warning when similar files are attempted to be opened in LB.





I also saved them as .svg files from Illustrator and they opened correctly.

As this didn’t work for you, can you please re-try using the default Illustrator settings and advise?